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I used to be a lot weirder. I'm a middle-aged geek, father to two boys, and I bang out code at . I live near Boston now, but I grew up in central Mississippi.

I know the conlangs and . I write hobby code in and .

I play a bunch of instruments, but none well enough to perform. I've been playing around with a DAW.

I started the instance, trying to be a part of the small-scale Internet.

I try to be as kind as I can.

My mobile web experience sure would be improved if there weren't constant popups asking me if I wanted to use the more invasive, intrusive, pushy app.

Currently taking an class. The sad fact is that I've used a lot more than ASL.

Disco in the streets, panic in the sheets.

via - plausible?

There's at least one Ukrainian group of crazies where they all use Ithkuil. Seems like a win if your adversary has to learn your weirdo conlang to infiltrate or eavesdrop on your group.

This looks interesting and self-descriptive:

This will probably be the first place I look next time I'm looking.

hey #fediverse, I'm looking to create a collection of social sustainable VPS providers

some characteristics:
- green energy
- worker owned
- organic growth
- opensource
- NO hyperscale

some examples:

please send me more!

tip: if you are missing a chessboard, Lichess works great on the Boox with a little twiddling. The dark mode, its default, doesn't display correctly, but switching it to Light mode fixes the UI. After that, disable the animations. You can play online, against the app, or (my use) as an in-person board set between the players.

if you get enough smart programmers together all they do is make lisp, so you have to make sure theres some less-smart "control rod" programmers in the team

BookWyrm is a Fediverse alternative to GoodReads.

They've just opened their onboarding site at:

("Onboarding" is when you make it as easy as possible for people to join something.)

BookWyrm and its instances are currently still in beta testing, but you can join now if you want to try it out. Instances marked as "closed" mean you can join but you have to request an invitation.

#FediTips #Fediverse #GoodReads #BookWyrm

I think @gargron is making a big mistake here by signaling his intent to phase out the local timeline :

Besides debates about what "diverse" means, it's taking away a major incentive for people to start and maintain an instance.

Starting an instance to host a community is appealing to some people.

Starting an instance to do free IT for a distributed server farm of homogeneous instances seems like a hard sell.

I expected to get depressed after playing , but not about the state of the mobile gaming industry.

Nier: Reincarnation is the prettiest iteration of ProgressQuest I've ever seen. A beautiful trash gacha game. I am disappoint.

When you buy a 3d printer, your hobby is now trying to justify buying a 3d printer.

The seems like a culmination of Gabe's years-long noble vendetta against as a gaming platform, and I am *here* for it.

Any and all answers are greatly appreciated. No judgement whatsoever. Asking this for research on a WIP article:

Do you #selfhost :flan_hacker: ? If so:

- What do you host yourself?
- Do you use an existing toolchain (Ansible/Puppet scripts, Yunohost, etc)?
- Do you run it bare metal, virtualized or containerized? Which one?

Boosts appreciated :flan_balloon:

Just typo'ed a servername while reconnecting to an IRC channel, and accidentally put in libera dot net instead of the correct dot chat, and you wouldn't believe where I found myself: Back on Freenode. Who've apparently secured that domain, and are using it to try to trick people back on to their services.

@h3artbl33d i have a VPS for some websites, configured with #NixOS

you find the config here:

i'm generally against self-hosting of e.g. e-mail or git and instead for community maintained services like @codeberg. it's not efficient when everyone does it themselves and not everyone is a professional sysadmin (i am tho). it's OK if you do it for fun, but consider contributing in a community effort

@tindall eris public license time: under no circumstances can this software be used to any means or for any purposes

Selection effects on police composition given widespread ACAB beliefs

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