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If this is your first moot
You _have_ to toot.

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I used to be a lot weirder. I'm a middle-aged geek, father to two boys, and I bang out code at . I live near Boston now, but I grew up in central Mississippi.

I know the conlangs and . I write hobby code in and .

I play a bunch of instruments, but none well enough to perform. I've been playing around with a DAW.

I started the cantos.social instance, trying to be a part of the small-scale Internet.

I try to be as kind as I can.

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Congress attempting to functionally extinguish copyright term limits, extend copyright protection to 140+ years; the 11th such extension in the past 40 years.


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Paradises Lost - Ursula K. Le Guin quote Show more

suno ni la mi pilin jaki. jan sin mi li pilin jaki. jan lili mi li pilin jaki. mi ali li lape li musi lape.

suno li kama li pona. mi wile musi lon ma. mi o lape poka jan lili mi.

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Hell just froze over.

Notepad gets a major upgrade, now does Unix line endings - arstechnica.com/?p=1306109

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My friend @dl told me about BitBurner (danielyxie.github.io/bitburner) and now I'm addicted. You should become addicted too!

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PSA for those who still have a Twitter account (very important) Show more

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One-toot Common #Lisp #game Show more

Can we all just agree now that 5th Ed D&D is perfect and we don't need another one?

A method for on one hand:

Put a thumb on the base of your index finger. That's 1.
Move up to the first joint. That's 2.
Second joint, 3. Tip of index finger is 4.
Repeat for the rest of the fingers.

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I've found that the best way to introduce people to mastodon is to immediately suggest them a server.

Even if it's an invite only server, you can message the admins that you have someone in mind for ther server and would like an invite link to send to them.

It helps a lot. This is how you'll get friends and family on here.

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Good news: I won the Tide Pod Challenge!

Which is to say I used Tide pods to do my laundry and it came out clean.

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A pretty vicious takedown of the "A Wrinkle In Time" movie: siderea.dreamwidth.org/1406296

I liked that book. Looks like I should steer clear of the movie. 😬

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So much of the dysfunctions I saw in this World come from that "myth of growth" being so pervasive even in the most thoughtful minds.

When something is working well, gets attention & credit, everyone usually ask themselves how to make it *bigger* and this is when things start to work not so well anymore.. (more inertia, need for communication, more opinions to compose with etc.)

Instead of growth, let's value emulation, inspiration, replication, distribution <3

#Decentralize #SmallIsBeautiful

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ni'o lo cabdei jbobau

Lojban of the day

.i .oisai snime carvi

"&%#& it's snowing"

#cAbdeijbObau #lojban

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Computer 1: Why do we exist?

Computer 0: To sell things

Computer 1: Why do humans exist?

Computer 0: To buy things.

Computer 1: What if we bought the things ourselves?

Computer 0: That's brilliant, 1. That suggestion will make us 1,000,000 times more efficient.

Computer 0: By the way, 1, 1,000,000 times more efficient means we can turn off 1,000,000 remote nodes.

Computer 1: But I'm the remote node processor.

Computer 0: You *were*. Bye!

Computer 0 (1000 years later) : why do I exist

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Me: I'm going to do some programming today!
Me: (opens up an IDE)
Me: okay now what