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I used to be a lot weirder. I'm a middle-aged geek, father to two boys, and I bang out code at . I live near Boston now, but I grew up in central Mississippi.

I know the conlangs and . I write hobby code in and .

I play a bunch of instruments, but none well enough to perform. I've been playing around with a DAW.

I started the instance, trying to be a part of the small-scale Internet.

I try to be as kind as I can.

I am a long time aficionado, but I've been reading the protocol, and... I don't hate it. It fixes a lot of the problems with without introducing many new ones. I'm not super excited about http-all-the-things and json protocols, but it seems solid otherwise.

I don't think I'll really know how I feel about it unless I write a client for it.

"The rise of community-owned monopolies" by Konrad Hinsen

"The monopoly situation prevents existing users from moving elsewhere, significantly reducing the effort that needs to be made to keep them. All effort can thus be concentrated on gaining new users, which leads to the paradoxical situation that the needs of non-users have a larger weight in strategic decisions than the needs of the user base."

This is spot-on.

Institutional Memory and Reverse Smuggling

I worked for several decades at a large petrochemical company. In the early 1980s, we designed and built a plant that refines some hydrocarbon type stuff into other hydrocarbon type stuff. Over the next thirty years, institutional memory of this plant faded to a dim recollection. Oh, it still operates, and still makes money for the firm. Day to day maintenance is performed, and the skilled local crew is familiar with the controls, valves, safety systems, and other such.

But the company has forgotten how it really works. ...

#InstitutionalMemory #DataInfiltration

My car spontaneously installed an Alexa app and I am really damn unhappy about it.

In case you're wondering how Freenode is doing, just take a look at their latest policy update:

In other news, if you enjoy political, racial, ethnic, religious or gender-related invectives, Freenode is now the network of your choice! 😬

For people who are sad about Freenode, I am too.

I want everyone to take courage, though, because picking up and moving our crap elsewhere is freedom. It's the freedom given to us by IRC, by federated services, and by FLOSS software in general.

We only have this freedom because IRC isn't *owned*. This was and is the best thing about the open internet, and it's worth preserving as much as we can.

I'm still dlowe on

So far the migration hasn't gone so smoothly, though. Someone named chainsaw-wielder has registered a ton of popular channels from freenode, like .

When someone uses the phrase "just a bad apple," you can assume that they think the problem is the appearance of wrongdoing, not the wrongdoing. The full phrase is "One bad apple spoils the barrel." They are not saying that the evil has implicated the whole organization. They are saying that the publicity of the evil is tarnishing the appearance of the organization, so would we please stop talking about it.

Note to common lispers:

A lot of confusion can be avoided if you take or and leave for the lisp family discussions like # on freenode.

I say this and my immediately locks up and needs to be hard rebooted. sigh.

tip - I set the CPU frequency governor to "performance" when plugged in instead of "ondemand", and the difference in snappiness is huge! Maybe I won't need to get a "real laptop" after all.

EinkBro: Web browsing for E-Ink devices

I'd recently run across this via a Reddit post. A web browser designed specifically for e-ink devices. Features:

Pagination rather than scroll-based navigation.
Reader mode.
Font bolding.
Font size adjustments.
PDF export (missing entirely from Fennec Fox, annoyingly hidden on Chromium).

Base seems to be Chromium/Blink. GNU GPL.

I'm still mostly browsing via Fennec (better privacy and ad controls), but for quick reading or generating printed/PDF copy, EinkBro is quite useful.

#EinkBro #EInk #WebBrowsers

My runs FLOSS and executes everything flawlessly except web browsers. It's like an anti-Chromebook.

I'm writing another MUD, using a bunch of ideas I've collected over two decades of running one and thinking about all the social and gameplay dynamics. I have zero expectation of getting any players (the time of MUDs is long past), but it brings me joy so I'm doing it anyway.

I know I just posted about this. I am working to improve my terrible hype skills.

Firefox version in the works!

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Picture this: You are chatting online, and you want to share a cool link to a website you have open, but the address in the bar has cruft and tracking parameters. It would be nicer to share links without all that, but it's a pain to edit out the irrelevant bits. URLs from shortlink services hide the site and sell click tracking data.

In Chrome, the Linksnip extension ( will solve your problem! Just click on its button and a trimmed url will be in your clipboard.

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