tokipona hot take 

The point of is a return to simplicity (pona). This makes it bad for posting on the Internet.

People who like Toki Pona on the net want to share stories to strangers. Large word lists are made, expanding the vocabulary. Now "telo loje" means blood. Now a "tomo tawa telo" is a boat.

This totally misses the point. The Internet is ike, not pona. Pona is talking to the people you are with. If you share space, the meanings of the words are a lively, fluid thing.

tokipona hot take 


I have noticed that #tokipona is better suited for in person conversation where everything has an in the moment context.

That said, I've found it to work well enough for simple communication online, so long as comments stay on point.

I still love it as a philosophical tool.

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