is it just me or does every IRC channel that gets bridged to Discord eventually turn into a channel that discusses nothing but how terrible Discord is?

@technomancy I really wish whoever is responsible for that bot gets rid of it. it's ruining the channel.

@dthompson I have it on /ignore but it's still dominating the topic of discussion anyway

@technomancy @dthompson I've been working on a bridge-bot protocol to allow for graceful IRC client integration, but I'm not sure if it's useful or even desirable.

@dl @dthompson matrix does a good job of this because it shows each message under the nick of the user who sent it, but also because matrix doesn't send all your messages to be stored by a company with a long history of privacy abuse and other user-hostile behavior


@technomancy @dthompson Not yet!

But seriously, Riot does a good job talking to IRC, but it doesn't attempt to merge a Matrix conversation with an IRC channel like bridgebots.

on Freenode has bridges to both Slack and Jabber now and it's working out okay, but those are deliberate extensions of the IRC channel, not joining things that used to be separate.

@dl @technomancy @dthompson Why have a Bridge for Jabber? Jabber users could just use Biboumi. Though it might make sense to ask the network if they want to run their own, like Hackint does. But there’s also nothing wrong with users using another or their own Biboumi.

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