I talk about working on my MUD a fair bit but I think I should specify I'm following in the tradition of LPC, not Diku, MUDs. Diku MUDs came first, and are pretty simple databases and interactions: every room is in the Room database, they all behave the same. Same for monsters, NPCs, and weapons.

In LPC MUDs, these things inherit capabilities from elsewhere, but are themselves full-fleshed bits of programming script, letting any room or item have unique features.

You'd think LPC MUDs would be the more popular today, since they generally allow for more narrative and complex of play.

But unfortunately, DikuMUDs are just so much easier to make that they're what most running MUDs use - and the narrative and complexity mostly exists in the head of the players.

Which is fine, but... not what I'm after.

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My MUD isn't really /either/ - it's a hodgepodge hobby project that borrows the "best," in my opinion, from every sort of MUD I know of, tempered by my lack of skill in Racket.

It's also just, a different Internet than it was when LPC MUDs were being written. Like, there's the Web now, and that didn't exist when LPMUDs were first made. So a lot that LPMUDs enable - like in-game writing of LPC code - isn't on my radar as a feature to implement.

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@emsenn I adore working on MUD engines, but the whole package is sure consuming to run. I ran one for about 12 years or so.

@dl Yea I actually don't have that much interest in like, administrating a MUD server, I just really like the notion of building virtual interactive worlds.

@emsenn I think many people preferred Diku-type MUDs because so many LPMuds had no underlying structure that could be learned. DikuMUDs had a smaller number of elements that could interact predictably.

An LPMud could have been made like this, there wasn't a tech barrier, but I don't think any ever was.

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