It's been a month now since I shut down all my real-time Internet chat and projects. I was tired of putting energy into spaces where I wouldn't be missed if I disappeared.

I'm not sure my life improved. I don't get any chatter in real life, so now at work there's just me and the list of action items.

@dl Wait what? Are you done with Lisp as a hobby or something?

@mfiano I'm not abandoning my current projects, if that's what you mean. I only have been doing reviews on them anyway due to time and energy constraints.

It's hard to articulate why, but I left Freenode and now I sit on my hands when I think about starting another project that is bigger than an hour hacking. I just wasn't getting back enough to keep me giving. I was feeling alienation rather than connection.

I think being online-social is souring on me.

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