is a good idea, if incomplete. But the isn't a good banner holder anymore. I've withdrawn my support.

@dl may you please explain more? What banner should be hold? Why FSF is not a good holder and who possibly would be the one?

@ahangarha To hold a banner is an English idiom for being a champion of something, to look to for leadership. The is not a good champion because it is a political organization that is making itself very unpopular by continuing to attach itself to rms. I don't believe there is a good champion organization for free or ethical software.

I agree with parts of your toot but would point my finger towards the community for not being able to form anything else in that level. I don't remember any other organization than @fsfe which is doing well in promoting software freedom.

RMS has done incredible job. Who has stopped others to do more? Pulling RMS down would benefit whom?

We need to be more proactive. That is the only way can imagine for going forward.

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