tip - I set the CPU frequency governor to "performance" when plugged in instead of "ondemand", and the difference in snappiness is huge! Maybe I won't need to get a "real laptop" after all.

@dl check if a package called 'tlp' is installed. If so, remove it and try using it for a few days without. I find it makes a difference. It does aggressive power saving.

@cobratbq Thanks for the tip! Now my complaints are more about stability than speed, but every little helps.

@dl i understand, but if powersaving is too aggressive, underpowering can screw with drivers and state transitions. Avoiding unnecessary transitions may thus improve stability.

@cobratbq It's looking like the cool zram swap is what has been causing my stability issues. I turned it off and it's been solid again. Disappointing, since it's a cool idea.

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