Old man yells at modern video arcades 

I hate modern video arcades so much. They are absolutely dazzling, an overwhelming riot of light and color. The games themselves come in two flavors: One flavor is casinos set to maximum extractiveness, paying out in tickets for cheap junk. The other is outright scams like claw games. No incentives at all to be good or fun games, just intense stimulation and avarice.

Something has been lost, for sure.

re: Old man yells at modern video arcades 

@dl Isn't any better in Japan. I visited Anata No Warehouse just before it closed down, and it was pretty much just that, filled with casino-like machines and claw games, save for the few old 80's/90's cabinets they saved, and a pool table section (IIRC).
How they didn't manage to stay in business with that model, I don't know, but gatcha may have had something to do with it.
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