I, uh, seem to be heavily contemplating running a #Usenet server. It's been years. And I'd like to offer peering over #NNCP to people.

I am either about to do something really fun or slightly insane. This is the best kind of project: where you can't quite tell which until you get into it.

I should also confess I've been posting to comp.mail.uucp lately. AND GETTING REPLIES.

#UUCP forever? Or 40 years too long?

@jgoerzen Several years ago I wondered if NNTP could be used to essentially federate Discourse forum installations ... there's definitely something there that we just haven't recreated since.

@downey Wow, I had no idea. Incredible if it works well!


@jgoerzen @downey news.gmane.io/ is an nntp server hosting the content of thousands of mailing lists, and it's still active as an archive and live interface!

@dl @downey I just noticed yesterday that gmane is back (with NNTP at least). That is fantastic!

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