My wife works with elder people, and one common theme is that the ones that consider themselves "computer-literate" are the ones who used computers in the 80s but then retired and never used one after. Now they need to use modern systems to access healthcare and other basic services.

It seems like it would be possible to set up a system that looked and behaved a lot like 80s DOS but allowed them to use modern systems.

@dl Isn't the fundmanetal problem here that the OS is largely irrelevant to that (and, increasingly, any) use-case, and what you'd need is "healthcare and other basic services" to adjust their websites?

(The OS only exists to run the browser, and even the browser itself is rapidly fading into a generic meaningless commodity, as they all turn into Chrome anyway.)

@LionsPhil Sure, I guess a big part of this would be a browser that looked and acted somewhat like WordPerfect with key combos and function key shortcuts.

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