Quoted in the article:
"[...] Never read when you can reflect; read only, except in moments of recreation, what concerns the purpose you are pursuing; and read little, so as not to eat up your interior silence."

@dl I feel like I've only ever felt “the feeling my thoughts were being dictated.” in the infinite-scrolling-era. I suspect that perspective is very specific to the current moment in time. Same goes for "eating up your interior silence."

I was *more* intellectually productive when I was reading more. Nowadays I consume passive entertainment more frequently because work depletes neurotransmitters or *something.* and I can't create anymore. I can't write fiction or come up with interesting new software. I'm constantly locked in a cycle of exhaustion and talking myself out of doing anything new. Software immediately feels like work, and like it needs to live up to the stuff already out there (because there's so damned much of it out there.) Or would depend on an ecosystem that doesn't exist yet.

Reading fiction re-energizes my creative side; reading non-fiction exhausts me nowadays, because it reminds me of how shallow the rest of my interactions about Real Things are.

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