Looking at what's in the inetutils package, there is a lot of terrible crap that doesn't belong there anymore.

inetd - not really.
ftp client/server - nope.
telnet client/server - nope.
rsh client/server - hell nope wtf.
tftp client/server - okay now you're just messing with me.
syslogd - okay, but in an internet utils package?

All this is bundled with essentials like hostname, whois, and ping..

To be clear, this is because the distribution bundles them together.

@dl wow, yikes. Do they run them or does it just make the binaries available?

@antifuchs They just make the binaries available. But STILL.

Also, the description lies - the rsh stuff is disabled in the package definition, as well as uucpd and whois. Thankfully.

@dl yeah, these are definitely programs nobody should run on the internet anymore. Yikes.

Maybe send an email with a patch or a small paragraph to raise the issue with Guix devs :)

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