The weirdness comes when the platform is unpopular enough that competing visions can come from individuals. Technical decisions become a lot more personal. "You personally are forcing work on me to make me stay relevant" becomes a thing. This sort of thing happens constantly in other programming languages but there's more people to absorb blame.

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In Timmons writes that has no community, just a bunch of smaller communities organized around projects.

He finds this upsetting, but I don't think this is unusual for languages or any kind of technical platform. People invest in the platform itself. of course (thanks sbcl maintainers!), but those standing on the platform are off doing their own thing, almost always.

I love my framework laptop. This has been a review.

Okay, the thing is just changing the subscription service (with their Windows-only client), not the stuff you already own through them. False alarm.

It's still pretty uncool.

Humble Bundle got bought out and now the coolness to money engine is sputtering to life. Eventually all the coolness will be gone, converted to money.

@alxd Just the Humble Trove, of which there were like three Linux games.

It's common knowledge that girls mature faster than boys. That's why I tell my two boys that they should look up to girls their age, respect their wisdom, and strive to emulate them.

I didn't invent this idea but it's working well.

@galaxis @openrisk @aral @jens I'll tell you exactly why hardware manufacturers and mobile devices in particular are averse to FOSS operating systems - it's because they have things to hide.

Usually patent violations but also hardware bugs fixed in binary driver blobs.

It looks like, in response to a DMCA request, Microsoft has removed the Github repo for DeDRM, a plugin for helping people read ebooks they've bought on their chosen ereader.

This is a neat idea regarding concurrency primitives, with a lot of historical tidbits to give context. The author has a library in Python, but I'm wondering what a language specifically designed around this might look like.

@June Consider using Mastodon as a PWA. Just navigate to the instance in Chrome, tap the menu button and select Add to Home Screen. I find I prefer it to any Android client.

@solene Is there a specific game you want to play? You could probably find a used gaming laptop to avoid electronic waste.

@feonixrift Microsoft bought Mojang a couple of years ago for (literally) a billion dollars.

@feonixrift Things were, of course, simpler before Microsoft decided to sunset the legacy Mojang logins.

@feonixrift One license per username. Servers and other multiplayer is otherwise unrestricted.

@feonixrift May require early learning of some trig and linear algebra. Those xyz coordinates aren't going to compute themselves.

@feonixrift The on-ramp to this - there's a mod called Raspberry Jam which implements the rPi edition protocol, allowing you to run programs in Python with the mcpypi library that edit the world.

@feonixrift It would have to be. The bedrock game physics differ slightly.

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