EinkBro: Web browsing for E-Ink devices

I'd recently run across this via a Reddit post. A web browser designed specifically for e-ink devices. Features:

Pagination rather than scroll-based navigation.
Reader mode.
Font bolding.
Font size adjustments.
PDF export (missing entirely from Fennec Fox, annoyingly hidden on Chromium).

Base seems to be Chromium/Blink. GNU GPL.

I'm still mostly browsing via Fennec (better privacy and ad controls), but for quick reading or generating printed/PDF copy, EinkBro is quite useful.


#EinkBro #EInk #WebBrowsers

My runs FLOSS and executes everything flawlessly except web browsers. It's like an anti-Chromebook.

@dajbelshaw @robert I like to frame this as infiltration. I'm acting totally above my station and they suspect nothing.

Magic: The Gathering newbie help 

@Greg There are prebuilt themed decks he can get, and he can start with those. There's a computer version that is great for learning how to strictly follow the rules, particularly with turn phases. Sometimes a group will have a draft tournament where n decks are bought and passed around, and those can be a good chance to talk shop. One thing he can do is find a build no one else is trying and make it work. Good luck to him, it can be a fun hobby.

@ln Those old wizards were just looking into the future and writing down what they saw. They knew it was important to channel energy somehow, but were fuzzy on the particulars.

@djsundog When my ears were a lot younger and computers were a lot slower and power hungry, I could hear the electronics working, maybe on some harmonic. The sound of an infinite loop was really distinctive.

@fraggle Gotta say, the numeric tower is pretty awesome, especially automatic bigint promotion.

I'm writing another MUD, using a bunch of ideas I've collected over two decades of running one and thinking about all the social and gameplay dynamics. I have zero expectation of getting any players (the time of MUDs is long past), but it brings me joy so I'm doing it anyway.

@fraggle My dad had an HP 41c. It had magnetic cards about the size of a file folder label, stiff, with a writable surface on one side and oxide on the other. You would stick it into a slot and it would zip through to the other side. There was even a book to store the things in.

I know I just posted about this. I am working to improve my terrible hype skills.

Firefox version in the works!

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Picture this: You are chatting online, and you want to share a cool link to a website you have open, but the address in the bar has cruft and tracking parameters. It would be nicer to share links without all that, but it's a pain to edit out the irrelevant bits. URLs from shortlink services hide the site and sell click tracking data.

In Chrome, the Linksnip extension (linksnip.app) will solve your problem! Just click on its button and a trimmed url will be in your clipboard.

@dan I self-host my email and feel the same way. I sort of used gmail as a client for a few years but never gave up my self-hosting, and went back to using it directly after gmail wouldn't let me sort the way I wanted.

My theory is that for a certain kind of geek (that kind may be "middle aged"), it just feels *good* to be really participating on the Internet in a deep and fundamental way. We have so few avenues for that kind of expression now.

Also, due to massive SEO by shortlink services, searching for these shorter links is almost impossible. If you know of a similar "shorter url" scheme for your favorite service, please share it with me at source.linksnip.app/issues and I will add it.

I made a thing!

Linksnip (linksnip.app) is a Chrome extension that copies a minimal URL of the active tab into the clipboard. It doesn't use URL shortening services. It converts youtube links to youtu.be, amazon links to amzn, etc. If it doesn't have a shortening rule, it just removes any tracking parameters before copying.

Firefox version coming soon!

@solene I have an Ergodox Infinity. I love having a split keyboard and the feel is great. Programming all the keys is time consuming work. The thumb cluster has too many keys for the thumb - the inner keys are impossible to reach without departing from the home position. However, the bottom two inner keys on the main cluster is reachable. You will want to put a drop of epoxy on one of the home keys since it's easy to get lost without looking.

Section 5 of the (opensource.org/licenses/OSL-3.) seems like much less of a blunt legal instrument than the 's Section 13 (gnu.org/licenses/agpl-3.0.en.h). I wonder if this is what I've been looking for. I haven't yet gone through the entirety of the OSL, though, so I'm not sure.

Also, will you license authors please put anchors in your section headers?

@scruss @ifixcoinops Yeah, I didn't do it all in one go. I did the work over about five days.

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