Software is like an onion. If you open up the inner layers you start crying

@fraggle The C64 didn't have a serial port that any modems would accept, and due to a hardware bug, they were locked to 120baud (which made the disk drive experience hilariously bad). Most modems used the user port, which required per-device support by software, so I'm not surprised Battle Chess didn't support it.

My new came in yesterday and I've been tinkering with it. I had to open it up to get it started at all, so my expectations were met.

I'd like to report a murder.

(The opening lines of Greta Thunberg's speech at Davos)

[Culture war] is the centrality of beefing — a stylized, theatrical pattern of conflict designed to present a theater of moral righteousness, signal virtues, visibly strive towards a declared utopian condition, and most importantly, resist meaningful resolution. The conflict must be as impossible to terminate as the notional utopias being sought are impossible to actually attain. Beefing ... is ... an excellent way to perpetuate and grow a sustainable [conflict].

@tw That's easy to say, but it gets difficult when you try to nail down exactly what constitutes piracy.

I am a current member of ISOC German chapter.

I have asked the board of the German ISOC about the .ORG sale, but their answers did not convince me that the sale is any good.

I fear ISOC is lost to the money.

I waited for positive developments around the .ORG sale.

Critical voices coming from ISOC NL and CA.

But it seems neither ISOC Board nor ICANN are listening.

I decided to leave ISOC. That is sad. 🙁

<< If anyone has a right to be mad at Harry and Meghan it's the people of Sussex, who have been left leaderless without their Duke and who are now defenseless against incursions from Hampshire and Kent. >>

@kioskwitch @checkervest Also a moment of appreciation for the introductory music.

How strange will it be when we detect alien sentient life somewhere off in space at such a great distance that it takes millions of years for light to travel between us so we just gaze up at their ancenstors and wonder if they are gazing back at our ancestors.

@Zeny I really liked Gamefly for years, and they do physical rentals.

@wilbr you would have to show that the Romans were less superstitious before their decline, and that seems unlikely.

@checkervest it looks like a tenor recorder. There are also bass recorders that are so big I can barely reach the finger holes.

They used to have choirs of these things in the Middle Ages. It must have been quite something to hear.

@tw Maybe don't wipe it for a couple of months?

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