For a better future, make exosuits, not robots.

Today I found the game, an #opensource Factorio like game

After hours of fiddling on #openbsd with node, npm and yarn, fixing weird bugs and reporting issue (I have no idea how to report other weirds things), you can play the full open source version for free at : (requires a webkit browser to work fine)

You can even download the tarball containing the static files to serve it yourself!

When you eat a lot of green vegetables, some chlorophyll remains intact and when they pass through blood vessels near the surface of your skin, they engage in photosynthesis and you produce ATP (obviously in very small , but still!)

Original tweet :

Actually you'll find Linux is just the kernel. The operating system is Linux' monster.

Cory Doctorow is on-point with this exploration of the legal and technical environment from which free software sprang and comparison with the environment today.

Possibly even good reading for non-tech people.

@msh @cwebber @stevefoerster That's from brute-forcing characters. Brute-forcing 3 words via an English word dictionary would take considerably less time.

Dark confession 

Every time I use a standing desk, I end up dancing.

There doesn't even have to be music.

Cycling, food 

@nolan Carb loading is a thing, but I don't think it's that healthy for training. Long-term it's better to keep your heart rate at an aerobic, fat-burning level while training, and then maybe carb-load for competitions.

uspol, QAnon unmasked (huge news) 


If you type in on Twitter: 'Q Jim Watkins' you'll see how the true owner of Q got doxed recently. Q . pub, Q-map/Q-anon is tied to current 8chan owner Jim Watkins. He's known for escaping America to the Philippines after suggesting that 8chan would be a safe-haven for: 'Peadophiles.' He's a rampant conspiracy theorist. His IP not only tied to Q-anon it's also tied to a obscure Twitter knock-off site that's popular with White-Supremacists called GAB and also links to The Daily Stormer which is a Neo-Nazi: 'news' site. Jim Watkins is Q and it's a essentially a viral front solely dedicated to spreading anti-Semitism as well as white supremacy online through various social media platforms.

> Make this information go viral. Crack Q. You stop Trump.

#QAnon #uspol

@zensaiyuki @dredmorbius has this to a large degree. It also has a (not often used) relativistic tense system based on intersecting light cones.

meta, The Discourse, pathologies of subcultures 


"Subcultures are only innately resistant to intolerance as long as they are abhorrent to intolerant people"

Beautifully said!

I tried to read Robinson Crusoe last night and I am astonished it's considered a classic. The first part is okay, setting up the titular character as a wastrel (but very lucky) plantation owner involved in a scheme to illegally procure slaves. The rest (at least as far as I could get) is considerably less interesting than actually being trapped on an island.

physical illness (---) 

Update: antibiotics started working, so it looks like I'm in the clear for this.

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physical illness (---) 

@shinmera that's the plan! So far so good!

physical illness (---) 

Convalescing and hoping that my fate isn't to die by a butt infection. I was really hoping for something more dignified, and also extremely far in the future.

Bilbo is the kind of badass that will spend his whole life living in bucolic suburbia, blowing smoke rings and entertaining petty gentry, but when he overhears some asshole who just ate the last of his biscuits saying that he doesn't think Bilbo's really a burglar he bursts in saying "Fuck you I'll burgle anything let's do this"

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@tw Look for the environmental hazard markers.

@tw I have this server already, I'm gonna use it to self-host things.

Plus, I think of it like this. When I use someone else's platform, even someone nice like dreamwidth, I am improving their site in return for the convenience. The convenience is transitory but the improvement is permanent.

I could be making my own site nice instead.

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