@Jo @fraggle @dosnostalgic I also see the Complete Calvin and Hobbes set on the left. Damn, those things are heavy.

'setxkbmap us colemak ctrl:nocaps' sets up my X keyboard mapping from the command line, and took way too long to figure out

This is a lovely collection of historical source code, including ZIL code for many Infocom games! github.com/historicalsource?ta

pol, existential threat, rambling thread 

Trying to bootstrap my community again with friends and family. Let's see if it actually takes this time...

Enjoying this year's Advent of Code, both the puzzles and the silly story.

There's a creepy trend recently of toys that detect when they've been abandoned and make noise to "re-engage" the kid. My kids ignore them, but I'm mad that these companies are even trying. I just want to start jailbreaking all these toys.

@emsenn I think many people preferred Diku-type MUDs because so many LPMuds had no underlying structure that could be learned. DikuMUDs had a smaller number of elements that could interact predictably.

An LPMud could have been made like this, there wasn't a tech barrier, but I don't think any ever was.

@emsenn I adore working on MUD engines, but the whole package is sure consuming to run. I ran one for about 12 years or so.

Making really good coffee is 16 parts water, 1 part fresh ground beans, and 10 parts superstition.

@ChrisWere I've really enjoyed my NewsBlur subscription for years.

I tried to explain maenad.itch.io/dying-in-space to my board game friends last night over beers. They were like, “So you collect points?”. No. “Then its about seeing who lives the longest?”. Not exactly. “Then how do you win?”.

What part of Dying in Space isn’t clear?

"A writer who works on the old system of production can spend days crafting a sentence, putting what feels like a worthy idea into language, only to find [...] that the internet has already produced countless sentences that are more or less just like it, even if these lack the same artisanal origin story that we imagine gives writing its soul. There is [...] no more place for writers and thinkers in our future than, since the 19th century, there has been for weavers."


@tw I would assume either regulation or cheap tanks.

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