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Most atheists only know about one religion well: the one they disowned. But they tend to make careless assumptions about the rest when they "oppose all religions equally". And since they are quite uninformed about other religions, they easily fall prey to bigoted narratives.

@jalcine yeah, that happens too. You clone your channel onto a new server, and the channel syncs to the clone. Then you designate the clone as the primary.

@jalcine Hubzilla has portable identities. You can migrate from one server to another and only the links from the web are lost.

@fraggle I am amused at this Doom visual novel engine and its associated dating sim:

The best part of being boosted/favorited is getting to poke through the posts of new people! 😁


You can say 'all are welcome', but if wolves and sheep are both welcome then you're only going to get wolves. The smart sheep will go somewhere else and the naive sheep will be eaten and processed. [...]
Refusing to choose is a choice. It's a choice in favor of the people who prey on others and who refuse to acknowledge the humanity of those they hate.

@feonixrift It also makes me think of someone heated to incandescence and then beaten into the desired shape while in this malleable state.

ponder on subcultures 

So much of what I see of furry culture on the fediverse is... basically an acknowledgement that humans (and any other sorts of people) are at some level animals too, and like to be clean, warm, fed, snuggled, and safe. I mean there's a lot more to furries than that. But that's something, culturally, they really seem to _get_. And I wish other subcultures would learn from that and pick it up, because that's something everyone needs which a lot of other subcultures are really crap at.

@nolan I have a theory that it's about people's reluctance to leave a site due to the cognitive load of a contextual switch. Clicking on a thread within twitter is somehow easier than clicking on a blog link with a teaser.

Me: What I mean is, there's a human need for .. emotional support humans.

Me at myself: *sighs* They're called friends, dearie.

@dthompson Still a useful thing to do with a new oven. They can vary by a few degrees.

@dthompson Calibrate your oven! Use bisection to find the temperature on the dial at which it melts sugar, which occurs at 320F/160C.

@GeoffWozniak I tried a lot of programs learning Colemak and GNU Typist was my favorite. You could also try

@technomancy @dthompson Not yet!

But seriously, Riot does a good job talking to IRC, but it doesn't attempt to merge a Matrix conversation with an IRC channel like bridgebots.

on Freenode has bridges to both Slack and Jabber now and it's working out okay, but those are deliberate extensions of the IRC channel, not joining things that used to be separate.

@technomancy @dthompson I've been working on a bridge-bot protocol to allow for graceful IRC client integration, but I'm not sure if it's useful or even desirable.

@tw Pretty sure this was to support desktop PWAs.

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