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Boomers: *spend 50 years implementing anti-loitering laws/overpolicing of public spaces, hostile arcitecture, child protection laws that strip kids away from (marginalized) families if left unattended for 5 minutes*

Boomers: "Why don't kids go outside anymore?? Must be Fortnite"

I keep trying to connect with people through my weird hobbies. It just occurred to me that I could spend all that time just emailing people I know. There's a federated technology for ya.

I guess I should have described a bit more. It's a 3d game where you play as an astronaut. The main game is in missions. You start out building some stuff. Then, you quickly progress to controlling robots to build some stuff. Then you start *programming* the robots to do stuff.

If I had more time, I might invest it into sprucing up the UI and gfx because the core game seems solid.

I wish people would quit assuming my interest in decentralization is based on privacy concerns. There are lots of things that are much higher priorities:

• Censorship resistance.
• Resilience. An entire library of content/social graph isn't destroyed because of a change in corporate focus.
• Evolution. Protocols can change more when not under a single administrative domain of control, and in ways that meet the interests of user communities rather than productization committees.
• Flexibility. Since things are decentralized anyway, it's much harder for the system to ossify in a way that relies on one particular family of devices.
• Namespacing. Being able to 'reserve your brand' across all social graphs is an antifeature.

There's a game on called . It could use an extra coat of paint, but it's actually pretty great.


A short writeup I've made:

Will write more tomorrow. Enjoy a screenshot for now. And a 1000x+ speedup, as demonstrated above.

we're seeing more and more people come to this realization that corporate appropriation of open source is harmful; the article I linked above as well as but there are plenty more being written all the time

it's interesting to compare this to RMS's writings because a lot of these people are saying RMS was right without coming out and saying "hey you know what, RMS was right"

fediverse drama is better than twitter drama because with the fediverse its:

-find out admin is terrible
-everyone leaves the instance
-drama is over

but on twitter its:

-jack does something terrible
-everyone gets angry about it
-nothing happens
-everyone just stays angry forever and it just keeps growing and growing

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and its COO Sheryl Sandberg, and its public relations people, and its engineers have lied repeatedly, exhaustively. They have lied so much they've lost track of their lies, and then lied about them.

“Why isn’t the new year on winter solstice?”

The answer, honestly, is that the Romans had no fucking idea how to run a calendar.

the original storyline ended with this quote from Dune:

I know the evil of my ancestors because I am those people. [...] I know that few of you who read my words have ever thought about your ancestors this way. It has not occurred to you that your ancestors were survivors and that the survival itself sometimes involved savage decisions, a kind of wanton brutality which [civilization] works very hard to suppress. What price will you pay for that suppression? Will you accept your own extinction?

On the other hand, as accurate as this turned out to be, I didn't notice any grand utopias coming from the post-Butlerian Jihad, either.

In the future, it's unsettlingly possible we're going to need all the machine intelligence we can get. Either to solve the problems of our own making or to compete against those that have embraced them.

“Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.”
— Frank Herbert, Dune

My domain registration just auto-renewed. I guess I'm stuck running it for another year.

If you want real consistency:

1mol = 1e10
1s = 1mol cesium-133 oscillations
1m = c/1mol s

Mood: wishing the standards people had fudged SI definitions to nice round numbers, so that:

1s = 1e10 cesium-133 oscillations
1m = c/3e8 s
1mol = 6e23

Obviously too late now.

I think this may actually represent almost the entire office here.

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