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~=8 Character Passwords Are Dead=~

New benchmark from the Hashcat Team shows a 2080Ti GPU passing 100 Billion password guesses per second (NTLM hash).

This means that the entire keyspace, or every possible combination of:
- Upper
- Lower
- Number
- Symbol

...of an 8 character password can be guessed in:

~2.5 hours

(8x 2080Ti GPUs against NTLM Windows hash)

#Hacking #Infosec

Mock a tree by sitting under it reading. Show it the possibilities of life
in another’s hand, show the book what stagnation
looks like for those who never leave their home town.
Feel smug in your ability to stretch a metaphor so far
as to want to nail the book to a tree and call it
“How I feel coming back home to being unloved after loving you”.
If love is a performance art, then so will my unloving be!
In a way,
I mean. I am rootless now,
aren’t I?
Full of poetry - devoid of birds.

Something that bothers me about social media.

You don't miss people who disappear from your feed. They don't leave a hole like they do in other contexts. You can see the person who is no longer in their usual place, the classmate who isn't in class. You can even see that someone isn't updating their blog anymore.

But the feed has no hole that is left unfilled. It just rolls on, utterly indifferent.


Investor: We need 5% growth.
CEO: We already dominate the industry. There's no way to keep growing without screwing over customers, alienating them and destroying the company.
Investor, reaching for trap door: So you can't do 5%?

In concrete terms, if you have any defined protocol, there will be one implementation which most people use (so everyone builds to it), and a long tail of other implementations trying to stay compatible with the most popular.

My own conjecture: Hyrum's law implies a power law in protocol implementation popularity.

Hyrum's Law

With a sufficient number of users of an API, it does not matter what you promise in the contract, all observable behaviors of your system will be depended on by somebody

I sort of run the MicroSFF_jbo account on twitter, doing translations of the stories from @MicroSFF on twitter. It was sort of fun, but I never kept up with it.

A few weeks ago, I posted a message, in , that I was tired of it and if someone wanted to take over the account, they could. I never got a reply and now I'm wondering if anyone ever read any of it.

TIL that Tron was written by Alan Kay's wife. That adds so many new dimensions to that movie, and makes 'I fight for the users' even *more* appropriate as a slogan.

is going away, and I'm using Takeout to nostalgically pack up my posts. I'll pick through them later to find the gems (and videos of my kid that didn't make it elsewhere). Most of the posts were early when it seemed like G+ had some momentum. I still think Circles, Communities, and Collections were a great way to control privacy and organize social media.

If anyone interested in art, games, and/or tech wants an account on, I have invites!

It may be useful for folks to know that has closed registrations and is now invite-only.

(This is not an official announcement or statement of current or future policy, I just thought folks might like to know. I'm disabling notifications on this because I don't really want to have a conversation about it.)

Slack, from the Church of the Subgenius (

Discord, from Discordianism (


All my hot takes have gotten cold and need reheating. Not sure if I can microwave them or not.

a normal burrito can be a breakfast burrito if you believe in yourself and the power of breakfast

Linux on the desktop: because it's easier to accept community-driven brokenness than profit-driven misbehavior

The Just World Hypothesis may be better framed as simply being a disbelief in injustice.

The best antidote to Facebook et al is just to continue building viable communities outside of those systems, using open protocols.
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