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When someone new starts following me, I look at their ratio.

By which I mean, if you are following 12k people and being followed by 635 people, I am probably blocking you. Mass following is a serious red flag for me.

I went to the rally in . Rallies aren't really my thing. I wandered around for a bit and then left. Good luck to them.

The next FLOSS philosophy 

If I could restart the FLOSS philosophy from first principles, and re-derive everything, I would start by separating the existing concept of "user", which currently means both "one afforded the means of software development" and "one without the means of software development", and rethink the rights that fall out.

For instance, the existing pillar of "freedom to modify" is no longer equitable.

I have no answers now, but identifying the problem is a good step, I think.

The RMS resignation was inevitable and right, but at the same time very sad.

Things can be right and sad at the same time. We can feel empathy while knowing this was necessary.

For people celebrating, we understand why. For those feeling sad about it, it's okay to feel sad too, but we all knew it had to happen.

#RMS #Stallman #FSF

"When C is your hammer, everything looks like a thumb"

Banned C standard library functions in Git source code:

Honestly, I can only take so much of it before it gets emotionally exhausting. But it's beautiful.

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Kind Words is a "game" where people send very short anonymous requests for letters, and anonymously reply to them. There's no scoring, no reward beyond a mention of thanks and a small collection of stickers. There's no possibility of fame or going viral, and it seems to bring out the best in people. The vibe reminds me of Mastodon's better moments.
It's only 5$ on Steam, no charge on the Humble Trove.

The best way to pressure the FSF to sever ties with RMS is to cancel your membership/recurring donations and let the board know why.

RMS is viewed as the main driver of donations and support for the FSF, an asset as opposed to a liability. πŸ’Έ talks

"The concept of what constitutes our lives has changed profoundly. It is no longer the people around us, or even the landscape, our lives now are made up of people who are not here (and landscapes in travel brochures and nature documentaries). That is quite something."

CPR classes should all have about ten actors all panicking loudly and screaming while you try to apply the techniques.

Strange servers distributing patches is no basis for a system of government!

In the 1960s, the ecological notion that "there is no 'away' to throw things" finally became widespread regards pollution, first stated by Barry Commoner.

In the 2010s, the informational notion that "there is no 'other' informatics ecosystem" on which security, privacy, or surveillance practices and principles apply is slowly dawning.

#security #privacy #surveillance #ThereIsNoAway

My open source projects are maintained using shame-driven development.

I can somewhat play the , but not enough to hang out with the real musicians. Here's a video I made a while ago:

I've mostly forgotten how to play this, I've recently started trying to relearn it.

"..things that can be parsed as variable names are treated as variable names in arithmetic contexts. ..bash does this *recursively* until it gets to an integer, or to something that can't be parsed as either an integer or a variable name."

OMG. This is _not_ documented.

@gcb @rain @kingcons

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