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Update: I finally got my parents and in-laws to sign in, and they've been participating. Maybe there's hope yet!

While I will admit that I was put out by the shuttering of Google Reader, I don't find the accusation they killed RSS to be even remotely true. I switched easily to Feedly and then Inoreader and never looked back. RSS, especially in the area of podcasts, has only grown since then. Just some more click-baity nonsense that capitalizes on contemporary anti-Google sentiment.

Dan McKinley :: Google Reader Killed RSS

Don't be put off by the publication - if you want to read a story of a Google employee who wasn't even accused of doing anything wrong but was still marginalized and pushed out for organizing activities, read Claire Stapleton's piece in Elle:

McFunley's thought is that Google Reader killed RSS just as it was taking off, by dominating the space and then leaving it to die of neglect for 10 years. It makes sense as a factor in waning commercial investment.

I do think the demise of RSS has been greatly exaggerated, though.

I was fired last week by Google for organizing. All I did was make a popup to share the labor notice Google has to share with its workers.

3 hours later mgmt came to my desk, took my phone/laptop, escorted me away. I never got to say goodbye.

My story:


@scalzi if you posted that photo of Krissy on Facebook and didn't disable the relevant option, FB will absolutely insert it into ads to your followers. It may have been that rather than some random malfeasence.

sad, openweb 

sad, openweb 

Narrator: It did not.

After a plea on to try out , I got 7 likes, 2 new accounts, 1 new channel, 0 posts.

I'm so discouraged...

What if we were teaching history all wrong? Classes tend to treat it as a narrative, where A causes B causes C, and then eventually, maybe, you reach the present.

Why not frame history as a series of questions starting from where things are today and going backward in time? You could pick any aspect of today's world and trace its evolution back hundreds of years.

Wouldn't that be a great class? History would seem so much more relevant and connected to the now.

'setxkbmap us colemak ctrl:nocaps' sets up my X keyboard mapping from the command line, and took way too long to figure out

This is a lovely collection of historical source code, including ZIL code for many Infocom games!

pol, existential threat, rambling thread 

Trying to bootstrap my community again with friends and family. Let's see if it actually takes this time...

Enjoying this year's Advent of Code, both the puzzles and the silly story.

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