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Covid19 - 

So me and my family are now part of the pandemic, despite everything. My doc didn't think a test was necessary. Probably our toddler touched something and sucked his thumb. We all have mild symptoms, thankfully, so far...

It's a strange thing, to go from protecting yourself to protecting others. I am the feared now. All that preventative advice loses meaning. Same precautions apply, but with more certainty.

Kids will probably recover fine, but me and my partner? It's an anxious time.

Animal Crossing Thoughts 

It's weird how AC used to encourage doing your own thing at a relaxed pace over months, and now it's a massive grindfest where people min-max to be the first to get black roses or ironwood kitchenettes. I don't miss aspects of New Leaf (like being shamed for missing realtime playdates with NPCs), but the game didn't encourage you to turn it into a job, either. The competition among players was what you could do with little.

#Covid19, science question 

So I have a question...

How does one distinguish between "50% tested positive with no symptoms" vs "this test has a false positive rate of 50%"? Are they cross-correlating multiple tests?

"That how sieges work, Phil." Oh man, this is a bit *too* timely

What's your interest in Minecraft?

Deus Ex, COVID-19 

Realising that Deus Ex's New York and Paris are actually incredibly loosey-goosey laissez-faire places, considering there's a pandemic lockdown and a violent far-right insurrection.

It turns out that the Denton brothers are unknowingly spreading grey goo flu everywhere they go, because they're asymptomatic carriers, and entire cities crumble in their wake. History's judgement of their actions in Invisible War is pretty accurate.

The moral of this game is: don't be a Denton.

Followup: apparently there is a *bidet* shortage too. You might consider getting buckets of sawdust so you can compost your sewage. 😕

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Toilet paper hoarders of the world, this is your golden opportunity to discover bidets. You should seize this chance and never have to worry about running out of TP again.

After all, if the running water stops, you have bigger problems.

Your biggest problem right now is denial

...We had all the information we needed. Experts knew that a hurricane was coming, and they made world leaders aware. But the denial was fierce. Nobody believed the prophecy....

-- Steve Yegge

#covid19 #denial

My math-teaching brother's wish is that 2020 is the year everyone learns that "exponential" doesn't mean "very fast" it means "imperceptibly gradual and then suddenly overwhelming".

Boosting if ppl keep calling it the Chinese Virus, I’mma start calling climate change White People Weather since the Industrial Revolution started in Europe


CA is issuing a statewide, mandatory STAY AT HOME order.

Those that work in critical sectors should go to work. Grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and more will stay open.

We need to meet this moment and flatten the curve together.

Go to to learn more.


Maybe instead of bailing out the corporations, we can bail out the people and the money will "trickle up."

Panic in the streets,
Disco in the sheets.


I don't think our collective anxiety about is about being faced with mortality, or the failure of the modern project to control fate, or anything so philosophical.

I think it's because with the tiniest amount of imagination, we can suddenly see the fault lines and fractures of our society that can shatter the way we live. It was always precarious to the right shove, and that's a terrible awakening to many.

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