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imo, the problem with JavaScript from a #smalltech perspective isn't that it's running in a VM – it's that it's running in a VM *written in 2 million lines of C++*.

That means there's no on-ramp for people who develop *in* javascript to become people who develop javascript. Which keeps big tech dominant

In comparison, many self-hosted/bootstrapped languages encourage users to engage in compiler hacking, which further encourages simplicity in design

Climate change 

β€œI used to think that top environmental problems were biodiversity loss, ecosystem collapse and climate change. I thought that thirty years of good science could address these problems.

I was wrong.

The top environmental problems are selfishness, greed and apathy, and to deal with these we need a cultural and spiritual transformation.

And we scientists don’t know how to do that.”

- Gus Speth, Author and Top U.S. Advisor on Climate Change

It strikes me, watching some of the great kid's shows with my young kids, is that they are masterfully designed to also educate parents. They demonstrate strategies for teaching, conflict resolution, modeling what a good relationship even looks like. For parents that came from unhealthy families themselves, this is incredibly valuable and hard to obtain info.

being a senior software engineer means being able to architect an entire end-to-end application in your head but having to Google how to check if a JS array contains an element because you can only remember how to do it in three other languages

@feonixrift I got a Boox Note 2 after reading your thoughts on it, and it is very much my cup of jam. Thank you!

covid19 humor 

We have both kinds of Americans here: the kind that refuses to wear a mask and the kind that buys up all the medical masks.

Mikel Evins explains eloquently how the design
of old-style Lisp and Smalltalk systems create an extremely fun sort of programming:

Naming is hard partially because names are intrinsically bikeshed-able.


Great thread from :
A basic confusion has wrought so much destruction in American life.

A lot of venture capitalists tricked themselves, and then others, into thinking that they are thinkers.

Poor man's low pass filter - request a sample rate incapable of reproducing the cutoff frequency.

Fun with my kid who is learning Hot Cross Buns on the recorder.

Also, audio on Mastodon is newish and I haven't tried it out! Is Masto the new SoundCloud?

You might find, as I did, that if you bought (there's still 5 hours left! ), that their UI is totally inadequate to handle the bundle.

This is my attempt to sort through them all - feel free to make a copy:

Good management is an awesome thing to see in action. It's like multithreaded programming except each thread has *feelings*.

I find this mythical past of non-political spaces to be hilarious and would like to subscribe to your comedy routine.

When people talk about "politics," they are usually referring to the controversial bits, not the 90% dull regulation and process that makes a country run.

People tend to assume broad agreement on what is or isn't controversial, though.

If you read only one thing on the today, read this thread by my friend and colleague Chris.

Chris was there. He saw with his own eyes as the were the ones who INITIATED the violence in at least a section of the protests on Sunday night. :(

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I saw dozens of cops at the event yesterday. Cops on motorcycles, who stood stoicly as Black protesters screamed "fuck the police". Cops holding traffic at intersections. There was no violence in those cases.

The violence started when the cops *drove vehicles through crowds*.


I just installed linux on my , and the difference is phenomenal. This is now a worthwhile daily driver.

It was previously using the original hacked up Debian maintained by a volunteer. I am really grateful to mrfixit2001 for their efforts, but I'm also happy to have hardware support in the official kernel too.

I had to do some minor hackery to get the upgrade image to work, though. Probably because I installed it on a 4gb sdcard.

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