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#playvicious social, the black led instance in the fediverse has been switched off a couple of days ago, and we wrote a statement as the moderation team of weirder earth about it.

it is a huge loss to the fedi and we realized too late that more solidarity would have been needed. we say goodbye and thank you for everything you did.

read it here:

#fediverse #WeirderAdmin

Impromptu recommendation: Absolutely anything by fantasy writer Rachel Aaron (a.k.a. sci-fi writer Rachel Bach).


Okay, this is too good a thread not to share.

"Dear White People,

Racism is just fascism that hasn't caught up to you yet."

So it's like two and a half thousand years ago in Athens right and there's this guy called Peisistratos and he's all walking around goin "Heeey, what's up guys, you know how my uncle Solon gave you all the right to vote in shit? Weeell it's kinda not great because the Oligarchs still kinda have all the power and regular dudes don't even get that much of the say, it seems like this Democracy thing might not be good after all? How about you all come with me and we overthrow the oligarchs and you install me in supreme unquestionable power and I'll give you a bunch of stuff in return, sound good?"

This was kinda going on all over Greece at the time, Oligarchs would get rich and Tyrants would spring up like prooop




So the people of Athens are like "Fuck yeah, fuck these Oligarchs man, they're always being like rich and shit. And I'm pretty sure they're in bed with Sparta and that's just a dick move bro" so they put him in power and were like "we live in a tyranny"

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uspol, tech 

Breaking: Tech giants start enforcing their *pre-existing* terms of service prohibiting hateful and violent content.

News response: Has big tech gone too far???

birbsite use 

Tweetdeck was created in 2008 to be a better interface to Twitter, back when Twitter had an open API and more fun. Twitter acquired it in 2011 and then... did absolutely nothing with it. I checked it out today, and it looks and feels like it did back then.

This is actually great! It runs very snappily on my and has few UX annoyances. I don't post much on Twitter, but I still follow it, and it works very well for that.

My kid has been using this tool in music class so I took a stab at it. I am easily amused. Annoyingly (and predictably I guess) it only works in Chrome due to a bug.

Reply with your own creations!

I'm not sure exactly what that would get you if you did succeed besides a seat at the board. And what does that get you? I'm not sure how much control the board exercises.

Still, I think it's worth considering.

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I applaud the creation of , and its attempts to pressure AlphaGoogle into more ethical, equitable practices. Big megacorps need as much pressuring into good behavior as possible.

It makes me wonder if it would be possible to move the needle coming from another direction - creating a non-profit shareholder's association which buys up voting stock. Could put all those Big Tech salaries to use by more directly influenciing policy.

Tonight's recommendation: Strange Days (1995). What a beautiful film that was.

I bought a plug-in hybrid last year (a Volt), and I have used so little gas that it failed its emissions test, because the shops all depend on the on-board diagnostics now.

So to legally drive my car, I have to burn a bunch of petroleum in the next two weeks to prove that the engine is within emissions laws. Hilariously sad.

The existence of an Xmas implies the existence of a Xavitation field, and a Xiggs boson.

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Merry Xmas!

Xmas is a sacred holiday, celebrating how cool everything is that has an X in it. e.g. X-rays, Xtreme sports, Professor X, Xylophones, The X-files.

And of course, Gen X.

There's some other religious holiday on the same day, but it doesn't even have an X in it.

Not to be confused with X day, though it is clearly cool by virtue of its X.

The astute observer will note that Xmas also has an X, making it one of the few recursive holidays to celebrate itself.

Anybody have good instance recommendations?

If you can access your from the same device as you are logging in from, it is not two-factor authentication. No, not even from a password vault.

Similarly if you can access SMS from your computer, an OTP sent to it is also not two-factor.

These may be more secure than a bare password, but they don't have the same effect and guarantees as .

It's been a month now since I shut down all my real-time Internet chat and projects. I was tired of putting energy into spaces where I wouldn't be missed if I disappeared.

I'm not sure my life improved. I don't get any chatter in real life, so now at work there's just me and the list of action items.

irc may be old and clunky but at least it can't get acquired by salesforce

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