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Poking around and just really soaking in the nostalgia and excellent UI design. There's so many details to appreciate, like even just the shading on the window close button.

I'm really digging the #Introduction and #Introductions hash tags because there are so many completely fascinating people all over the world that it's a wonderful reminder that humanity doesn't completely suck.

By now you might be wondering: Why is the telescope #gold?

The mirrors are actually made of Beryllium, which is a very strong and lightweight metal, and are coated in a very thin layer of gold. The total amount of gold on #JWST is only about the size of a marble!

Why gold? Gold is VERY efficient at reflecting infrared light! JWST is designed to search for this heat in the early universe

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#RFC1984 When I talk about mass data collection and the danger from each little bit of data and metadata we put up there; the danger isn't just from Governments and Law enforcement. It's from any power structure that seeks control. That data is leverage. #virtualpanopticon
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(1) #ElonMusk isn’t just buying #twitter, he’s buying every DM, private tweet, and bit of metadata it has, and I’m terrified what that means for society.…

The fediverse today trying to explain to newcomers where they are.

If you are already familiar with the Fediverse, it's a good time to search for introductions, maybe even set the search as a column for a bit, and follow interesting new people. Newcomers are often a bit confused as to how to find people, and being followed gives them a place to start.

Now is a good time for artists to post on and for newcomers to follow the hashtag.

Can't wait for the new arrivals to discover they can use their fedi account to follow video channels on @peertube instances, photo stories on @pixelfed instances, events on @mobilizon , musicians on @funkwhale , and @owncast streams.


A couple of things that have been proven true in practice recently: first, the people who benefit most from zero-trust systems are people who shouldn’t be trusted. The primary utility of these systems is to give people who are not trustworthy a way to claim their untrustworthiness doesn’t really matter. That claim is demonstrably false.

I'm interested in moving from to an instance where I am a paying customer; it would be especially awesome if the vendor also provided other hosted libre tools for paying customers, such as an Owncloud/Nextcloud or Jitsi/BigBlueButton instance. I welcome your recommendations & I welcome boosts.

bouncers like are useful for the tiny niche of people who want their IRC presence to be separate from their client connections and to use different native irc clients without persistent backends. I use , , and on various devices with znc, and it works really well.

People who like clients such as and weechat relays are already using bouncers, they're just integrated into the system.

I'd like to introduce a new word to the pandemic lexicon: .

This is where one converses endlessly about all the terrible things one has been reading and feeling, possibly while .

It's lazy, ineffectual, and depressing, and I intend to stop.

"be creative, computers can't be creative it's the one way to be sure you'll always be relevant"

> Thread of DALL-E AI generated images and their prompts

welp that's it *packs up bag, packs up everyone's bags*

oh right. I wrote a quickstart guide about getting started with mastodon some years ago that is still relevant, if you're feeling curious/inspired:

I really recommend it!

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Tiny BASIC is a family of dialects of the BASIC programming language that can fit into 4 or fewer KBs of memory. Tiny BASIC was designed in response to the open letter published by Bill Gates complaining about users pirating Altair BASIC, which sold for $150. Tiny BASIC was intended to be a completely free version of BASIC that would run on the same early microcomputers.

Let's not forget the supreme irony that the popular thing called Slack (not to be confused with Slackware Linux which is still awesome) is one of the pinkest, most anti-Bob piece of Con-enabling software that has ever hit the Interpipes.

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For people who rode the and wave, it must be pretty weird that the two largest competing chat systems are Slack and Discord. Like, how did that even happen?

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