"finding a good preexisting theme" is the new "web development"

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it's 2019 and the personal website is back ywwg.com

(no I am not looking for a job)

I wouldn't keep debugging via printf if it didn't reliably work

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When I joined masto, I gravitated towards following creative peeps and noticed a thing that's pretty common to all of us: we feel guilty for promoting places that people can buy our work or otherwise support us financially. So I started the #CreativeToots hashtag for that very reason. Got an Etsy page? Online store? Patreon? Selling a piece of art? Throw that tag on it. Do it with unfettered abandon. Everyone else: Look at that tag for artists to support. Buy their stuff. Help them create. <3

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hey i need the perspective of a woman or lgbtq woman on how using mastodon has been for a story can you hmu loneil@hearst.com

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Recently I've been thinking a lot about startup culture, and its values. I don't want to be associated with it at all any more — I want to be the founder of an indie software business, not a startup. I care more about users than million-dollar valuations. And I want more people to feel the same way, choosing small-scale, human values over investment and growth. I tried to articulate this and wrote a thing about it: joshsharp.com.au/blog/fewer-st

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I'm officially on Mastodon more than Twitter. It's happening.

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interested to hear about pre this month mastodon, and from people in different communities who were using it all along as a safe space (not in the pejorative sense of the term)

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mastodon and sex work 

It seems significant that articles about switter talk about everything *except* that it's mastodon. I've been trying to imagine what it'll look like when The Masses try out Mastodon and I think either 1) everyone goes to m.s and their server croaks, or 2) we get a bunch of little sub-twitter-spheres that act like de-facto verification: an instances for those of high-net-worth! or one for journalists! etc.

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now that I'm 35

every time I wonder if I should or shouldn't be doing a thing that I feel like I want to (not) do

I'll just say "I'm too old for this shit"

and do whatever, because fuck it :D

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You have been visited by the Old Wizard Cat of good fortune. Boost this Toot to bless a stranger.

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A quick PSA:

I keep seeing "Mastodon is being slow" or "Mastodon is loading incorrectly."

The thing is, mastodon.social is loading slowly cos y'all are stressing the servers out.

Other instances aren't having this problem, and the easiest solution to the problem is to move to a different instance.


*end PSA*

@dl so is it up to instance admins to add other instances to their fediverse?

oh hey look twitter is being shitty again, time to make sure all my mastodon accounts still work

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