A kindergarten teacher at my daughter's school wrote a rhyme to help her kids stay calm and remember what to do in a lockdown drill.

It went viral. Now national publications are quoting it with the NAME AND LOCATION OF THE SCHOOL and the name of the teacher.

WTF?? Why not paint a big target while you're not it? Any kind of target -- for people who are upset about lockdown drills, for actual school shooters....

I am livid. Like most things in my life, I can't do much about it but rage.

An evil sorcerer killed my dog.

My parrot jumped in lava. My other parrot got killed by a creeper.

Pets don't last long. It appears the best thing is to leave them sitting at your base. Huh.

Bwah. Set up a server last night, but I have spent so long working on Mac laptops with tons of memory that I didn't realize that our server box has ONE GIG. The effect of running the server was kind of hilarious.

The box is upgradable to 3G. We ordered the memory, which was so old that we had trouble finding it.

The damn box is only five years old. It's maddening how fast things become obsolete. if 3G isn't enough, we're SOL.

moments: When you're desperately seeking iron and can only find diamonds.

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instead of replacing your password, just hurl your computer into the sun, and every computer that has ever handled it. together we can implement strong, horizontal security standards by destroying everything.

Er, that's "didn't clean my purse out BEFORE LEAVING."


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My dice back fell out of my purse on the flight out to India and Iost it. Why was I bringing RPG dice to India? Because I didn't clean my purse out afterward.

On one hand, I am very sad to lose my favorite collection of over-the-top polyhedral dice. OTOH, now I can buy more over-the-top polyhedral dice. Lose-win.

I took a look at some modpacks, and I wondered why they all seem to have SO MANY MODS. Why not just 2 or 3?

Then I built one, and dude it has so many mods. It's like you pick a theme, and they stack on each other.

Back from India. Vacation was amazing.

But woo, jetlag is worse on the return.


Leaving to get my kid for the flight to India in two hours. Meeting for work in 15 minutes.


Pondering today on that apologetic phrase, "She's sensitive about her weight," and the constant low-level insults that build up to it.

I mention this as I sent an online question to my doctor, and her nurse replied with introductory weight loss advice instead.

Word to skinny people: When you assume that being obese means you have no idea about nutrition and activity, we fat people are privately fantasizing about beating the crap out of you.

Apparently Villagers prefer privacy to mate. Came back from caving expedition to three kids, including a farmer and a librarian. Woot!

Shit got real with YouTube when husband informed me that an old college friend is working on that campus.

No word from him, but he's too old to be any of the victims.


New villager breeding plan: Several cram themselves into a small house at night. Build a wall around the house with a gate (since they don't seem to be able to use gates). Throw all the food in there I can harvest.

I really prefer maintaining the fiction that villages are real places, so I like having them about Hmmming to each other. But dude.

I'd love to see a release that is Update Habitaculum at some point. So much more you could do with villagers...

Villager breeding is surprisingly hard when there are no Farmers. After a trip away, I find both mine are gone - wandered off? Eaten by zombies? Now I have to feed them myself.

Just watched them proposition each other in succession, all rejections. A propositions B, is rejected. A then goes inside a house and watches through a window as B propositions C, rejection. C now get hearty and enters house, but A is done with all that. D enters and rejects C. Mating could be timed better.

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When I was but a wee lad, reading my novels in the mid-to-late 80s, one sticking point I had with the genre was that surely no one would attach critical systems or physical security to the global Internet. Right?



I have to say that one thing about this Mastodon interface that I do NOT dig is the four-column, non-resizable web display.

I don't need to see all my notifications all the time, nor do I need a whole column to write a status.

If this is customizable, I haven't found it yet.

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Looking for an alternative to Facebook? May I recommend Dreamwidth, the successor to Livejournal. It's a great place if you want to blog/journal about more personal things, since it has a simple and solid privacy model. (You can also post publicly.)

It's owned by nice people, too, and is supported by user subscriptions, although you can be a free user if you need to.

Most importantly, it's set up so you *control your space*—you have admin-like control over the discussions on your own posts!

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