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In the spirit of @sehurlburt on Twitter: I'm always open to helping with questions about systems engineering, network engineering, DNS, SRE, working at Google, working in the infosec business, starting a business without VC, or anything else you can think of!

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I'm Tim. I'm a geek. I love systems, networks, and software. I started (now, an Oracle company, of which I have no part). I now work at Google. All opinions are my own.

Bitcoin is fun to play with. Tor is becoming more and more important with each passing day. Crypto isn't just for nerds anymore.

The world's political situation is scary. Does anyone have any rocks I can hide under?

Signs you may have played Pokemon Go too much: see a kid in a red and blue jacket and think "they look kind of like a Porygon"

I want the ultimate : the return of ! Can you make that happen :)

Wow, Google Cloud Speech-to-Text is way behind Amazon Transcribe. Doesn't support MP3, doesn't support two-channel WAV...

I'm currently on my way to Seattle for a week. Mostly working the weekdays, and have some weekend plans this weekend. Any recommendations for must-sees?

Top of my pre-planned list is the Museum of Flight and their Apollo exhibit (

Canada, I am over you. And looking down on you. Just saying.

Apparently my aluminum tube is named "THE ULTAMINT EXPERIENCE"

Ugh 2.5 more hours in this aluminum tube.

*** Error in `/usr/bin/python': corrupted double-linked list: 0x01b0c880 ***

That's fine, right?

I have been nerd-sniped into re-attempting an SDR project by one of my co-workers.

This is not the first successful nerd-sniping he has performed on me. You'd think I would know better by now...

Does anyone know if LinkedIn's "I don't know this person" button actually has any consequences for the "I want to connect with you!" spammers?

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The museum that embraces failure

From the DeLorean to an electrocuting face mask, Sweden’s Museum of Failure champions innovation by celebrating the biggest product flops of all time.

It says seeing well-knowns fail makes us feel better about our own failures.

Video - 3.5m

I want to go outside. Traditionally this is looked upon as a good thing.

But I want to go outside... to play Pokemon Go. Am I wrong?

I find I accidentally almost click them somewhere around 50% of the time, since often you have to click that button to "finish unsubscribing". Evil, IMO.

"Accidentally unsubscribed? Click here to resubscribe!" buttons: worst thing ever, brilliant social engineering, or both?

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