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I'm Tim. I'm a geek. I love systems, networks, and software. I started a thing called a long time ago. I didn't get any of Oracle's money when they bought it. But I work for Google now so I can't complain too much. All opinions are my own.

I love the Boston Red Sox even though they often don't deserve it and MLB is ... terrible in so many ways.

I'm always open to answering questions about the world I llve in and things I've done, DNS, SRE, infosec... just ask!

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In the spirit of @sehurlburt on Twitter: I'm always open to helping with questions about systems engineering, network engineering, DNS, SRE, working at Google, working in the infosec business, starting a business without VC, or anything else you can think of!

Not really feelin' ya' this year USA...

And from Bay Lake Tower you can feel 'em in your chest, no large number of people, trees, rides, etc absorbing the sound.

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I feel like anyone who says is skimping out in just needs to stop by Magic Kingdom at 9pm (currently). I mean, 16 solid minutes of not-messing-around fireworks every single night is not a little bit of fireworks.

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You have to wonder if ever we make good AIs, will they invent weird religions?

Anyone know how measures ride wait times these days? They used to periodically hand out timing cards that they scanned at entry and end of queue, but it doesn't seem they're doing that anymore.

I'm guessing they're using Bluetooth and/or the longer-distance capabilities of Magic Bands now but wondered if anyone actually knew.

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Really good read here on the creation of the sports bra - the cultural and political moment it came out of, and the lives of the women who invented and marketed it.

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I have seen multiple examples of newcomers to fediverse being harassed by bad actors over the past week.

It is imperative we make moderation more efficient so that administrators and moderators are not using their limited time and energy on problems that we can actually mitigate with smart code.

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I'm curious. Where are y'all?

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Don't worry, I don't always post about , just when I'm here. Which will only be for one more day. :)

Ratatouille was down in the morning so I was a little worried about the LL being backed up but it was up much of the day. I looked after we got home and it was down again though, sucks for people with later times.


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It surprises me that didn't do more mechanical work while it was re-theming. Sure it's a 30 year old ride but Space Mountain doesn't go down that often and it's older! Guess they have their reasons.

Only other big ride today was an individual lightning lane for Remy's Ratatouille Adventure, it was pretty cool, kinda a hybrid between Rise of the Resistance and Flight of Passage. Trackless ride vehicles are cool.


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ride report from today: ever after in Norway went down at least four times, the first one of which was while we were riding. My first ride evacuation! Only got a tiny bit of backstage, just down a flight of stairs and then into the shop, but we got to see the water draining and talk to the cast members who came to our boat.

Despite the relatively recent refurb/retheme from Vikings to Elsa I guess Norway still breaks down at least 1-2 times per day.


Finally back to the resort. Overall good (hot) DAK day. Everest was down a lot, didn't see any Pandora downtime. River Rapids went down in the afternoon which was a bummer for people wanting to get wet and cool down for sure.


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Hit our Everest LL - they were reporting 30 minute standby but it was definitely way longer than that. Had only been back up for a couple of hours at this point (3pm ish).

Back to Pandora for Flight of Passage. Just heard too much about this to miss it. LL did its magic. Pretty cool ride, I can see how it is/was innovative in its ride mechanism, didn't really feel as awesome to me as Rise of the Resistance. At least part of that is probably interest in the subject though.


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Wandered over to lunch. Grabbed an LL just for us for Everest after lunch in case it was up and we felt like it - the rest of the family was heading back to the resort after lunch.

Wandered a bit after lunch, did the other big forest animal trail, sad the tiger habitat is being refurbed so no big cats to see there. Still a good time.


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I see the meta about me is flying through the ether again.

Allow me to state my position.

I am professionally in infosec. In some roles I have been in, I have had to interact with the authorities. It happens. Happened a few weeks ago in fact, on my terms, and it was something that most assuredly saved lives.

Once I posted a slide here on the fediverse... it was from a presentation I was doing. On it in my credentials it said that I was a proud member of Infragard.

YES, i was a member of infragard... because I was hoping their threat feeds were good, I wanted access to them.

"A proud member of Infragard" is how they require you to say it to maintain access to their feeds.

Their feeds were ok...

I have had nearly no interaction with Infragard (a public private partenership to mitigate threat actors trying to impact critical infrastructure). My interaction with the FBI came down to one case, and I was asked by the defendant to cooperate with them... funny, huh?

If that makes me a fed... wanting access to threatfeeds for research...  I think your definition of "Fed" is overly broad.

On 3/3/19 I was attacked for this piece of information. I linked it back to a particular set of threat actors wanting to stop this community from becoming what it is today. Those old rumors are back.

Let me talk about the good we have done:

We raised over $6000 to benefit Ukrainian needy caught in a warzone.

We organized assets to help Ukraine resist invasion.

We setup tools for people to defend themselves against spying, and be more secure.

We tirelessly work to tear down siloed social media.

We combined forces with other legendary hacker groups to fold proteins to complete research that led to some of the vaccines that have helped contain this pandemic.

We have gotten people their first infosec jobs.

We have made friends, a community, and fought the power at every opportunity.

We are mighty. We punch up... and we do it really fucking well.

And I am not an agent for anyone but myself, and when I get to be, for this community.

We are
We save the world.

We're getting pretty good at it.

PS: wow, you made it this far?!? All that said... I am not here to change your mind. If your threat model includes me somehow, then you should block You know what you are comfortable with, and it's not up to me to decide that for you.

Oh, and right before or after our safari, Everest went down again, badly enough that they pushed a "sorry" message about it into the app. Thankful we decided to get it in while we could!

Na'vi River Journey was cool but I'm not enough of an fan that I would have been happy waiting in a hour+ line for it. Several times in the day the wait was longer than for Flight of Passage!

Oh, we splurged and got Flight of Passage individual LL for ourselves for the afternoon, back at 7am.


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Now over to our Safari LL. Good safari ride, no giraffes, but a nice bloat of hippos and a crash of rhinos. I'm glad they've ditched the lame poacher story and just let the safari be a safari.

Grabbed LL for Na'vi River Journey right before lunch. Did the jungle trek next to the safari. Then chilled out with Dole Whip while the nibblets went to Rafiki's Planet Watch for a while.

It's Tough to be a Bug, some photo pass photos, then off to Pandora. The floating islands are pretty sweet.


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Today's ride report:

LL for Safaris at 8:05am. Early entry at 7am (ouch).

Went to to start the day. It went down as we got there, from one of the first runs of the day. Doh.

Off to . Two rounds of walk on riding, sweet. Now need food. Was going to head to Safari LL but decided to check out Everest first - running, 5 minute wait. Sweet!

Back to Everest. First ride straight walk-on, almost unheard of at 8am. Went right back on, under 5 minutes wait.


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