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In the spirit of @sehurlburt on Twitter: I'm always open to helping with questions about systems engineering, network engineering, DNS, SRE, working at Google, working in the infosec business, starting a business without VC, or anything else you can think of!

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I'm Tim. I'm a geek. I love systems, networks, and software. I started (now, an Oracle company, of which I have no part). I now work at Google. All opinions are my own.

Bitcoin is fun to play with. Tor is becoming more and more important with each passing day. Crypto isn't just for nerds anymore.

The world's political situation is scary. Does anyone have any rocks I can hide under?

I hate streaming service splintering.

I also love Discovery+.

I am a monster.


The three phases of AC filter. Left to right; clean, dirty, "oh my goodness I changed this only six weeks ago what the hell?!?"

I hereby propose Thr Smashing Pumpkins' "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" as the official song of 2020.

Dear all financial institutions:

Please tell me if I have autopay when you tell me I have a new statement. This is the most important information. And so many of you leave it out.

Hugs and kisses,

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That feeling when you have a pile of stuff in a bunch of gitolite repositories on a Linode and you haven't touched them in years but you just can't delete things.

Deleting things is scary. I might want them someday!

Mmm random unsolicited invitation to Keybase replacement. That's not sketchy AT ALL...

At least when HBO sucks and I give them my money via Amazon I don't feel bad about giving one megacorp a portion of another megacorp's money, but with something like PBS it's different.

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I wish there was a centralized (or decentralized?) system for channels to do streaming that wasn't evil and could stop the ongoing fragmentation of the space.

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PBS, y u terrible at streaming? Had to get a PBS "channel" subscription on Amazon to get anything approaching reasonable video quality.

Now the question is, how much of a cut does Amazon take? I assume at least 30% :/

I wish the listing said where on Statia it is...

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