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In the spirit of @sehurlburt on Twitter: I'm always open to helping with questions about systems engineering, network engineering, DNS, SRE, working at Google, working in the infosec business, starting a business without VC, or anything else you can think of!

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I'm Tim. I'm a geek. I love systems, networks, and software. I started (now, an Oracle company, of which I have no part). I now work at Google. All opinions are my own.

Bitcoin is fun to play with. Tor is becoming more and more important with each passing day. Crypto isn't just for nerds anymore.

The world's political situation is scary. Does anyone have any rocks I can hide under?

Really , no dividers between urinals in the men’s room? was built in 1912 ND we have them!

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I found out the other day that Amazon has tours of some of their fulfillment centers, including one here in MA.

is it wrong that I immediately said "I must go"?

I feel like the Red Sox might almost be remembering how to play baseball. Not going to hold my breath though...

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Speaking of Google how is Google Sheets not a toilet paper brand

Oh look the Red Sox gave up another lead. Shocker.

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Try out a new podcast. You can learn something new or just enjoy having someone tell you a story.

Ohai social media. I haven't posted much in a while, have I?

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Starting now I will live tweet this talk where Assistant Professor Cameron Strang will speak about his award-winning book _Frontiers of Science_

Salty sounds so wooden when doing promo reads.

That feeling when a giant package arrives for you... 700 miles away. When it's going to snow. And your neighbors don't really want it blocking the sidewalk.

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When you think the Google car is just a really fast biscuit.

📝 ✅ Petition for this good boy to replace the red pin.

TFW streaming TV through cell phone hotspot because cable modem is out. And it works fine. Thanks future.

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Dear Monoprice: no, I do not want a $70 1 year extended warranty on a $160 printer. That is... not sensible.

Woot my 3D printer is coming on Thursday happy dance.

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