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In the spirit of @sehurlburt on Twitter: I'm always open to helping with questions about systems engineering, network engineering, DNS, SRE, working at Google, working in the infosec business, starting a business without VC, or anything else you can think of!

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I'm Tim. I'm a geek. I love systems, networks, and software. I started (now, an Oracle company, of which I have no part). I now work at Google. All opinions are my own.

Bitcoin is fun to play with. Tor is becoming more and more important with each passing day. Crypto isn't just for nerds anymore.

The world's political situation is scary. Does anyone have any rocks I can hide under?


Trump wants minority Congresswomen to “go back” to their home countries. He wants our country to “go back” to a time where racism and sexism were encouraged.

No, Mr. Trump, sorry. We won’t go back. We will go forward. And we will leave you and your ilk far, far behind.

This is why we can’t have nice things.


Delays of up to 15 minutes due to a vandalized train. The northbound train was taken out of service at Charles/MGH.



I was just stuck in an elevator. Everything was fine because I had a burrito in my backpack. Moral of the story: Always bring a burrito.

Sale ought to have been given an error for slow playing that ball to first.

If I change my phone number what sort of vanity digit sequence should I get?

I remember when number portability was a new thing and it was hard/long/complicated. Now: nice and easy, done in under 30 minutes.

T-Mobile: We don't have any 617 numbers you can change to.

Me, to myself: hmm, can I port out a number from Google Voice?


Does GV have 617 numbers?


Problem solved through shenanigans.

How did Chavis reach on a fielder’s choice with no out and no error? Doesn’t it have to be one or the other?

Off to Fenway. Not sure I remember how to baseball properly. I sure know the Red Sox don't.

PSA: the only "or" question to which "yes" is a valid answer is "yes or no?" or some other question with "yes" directly adjacent to the "or".


" has made clear that it has a red line: it will not give workers an institutional voice in the company. After the initial employee walkout, it refused to budge on the organizers’ demand that it appoint an employee representative to its board."

Swiss business lounge announcement: "Zürich flight will be ready for boarding in 20 minutes."

Insane passengers: <line up at gate>

Me, to Liz: "Don't they know this is the business lounge? There's no plebians to have to fight to board."

Liz: (laughing) "You and your aristocratic pretensions."

Next week forecast for Zürich. Do the Swiss even know what to do with temps this high? (Yes, this is F, not C, but still!)

"This is Delta XXX ready to push from gate A19 with information ... whatever the heck the information is."

"Delta XXX I think you mean information echo, expect runway 9, contact ground XXX.X"

Charles Barkley you're dead to me. Let's go Bruins!

As far as I can see a bat boy has never been ejected from an game. Angel Hernandez, your move.


Last person at Fenway not ejected by Angel Hernandez, please turn out the lights.

This is a new low in stats relevance. Note that this is at Fenway Park. Aka home. Not road.

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