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In the spirit of @sehurlburt on Twitter: I'm always open to helping with questions about systems engineering, network engineering, DNS, SRE, working at Google, working in the infosec business, starting a business without VC, or anything else you can think of!

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I'm Tim. I'm a geek. I love systems, networks, and software. I started DynDNS.org (now dyn.com, an Oracle company, of which I have no part). I now work at Google. All opinions are my own.

Bitcoin is fun to play with. Tor is becoming more and more important with each passing day. Crypto isn't just for nerds anymore.

The world's political situation is scary. Does anyone have any rocks I can hide under?

Oh Walmart, you stay classy with your 24 packs of soda on prominent display for a higher cost than 2x 12 packs.

I packed the court with @lizcovart@twitter.com and have six RBGs on the way!


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That feeling when you're stretching your arms and WHAM THAT WAS THE RUNNING CEILING FAN OUCH.

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I must have missed my calling as a car dealership. The margins on that must be FANTASTIC.

One replacement car key, in USD:

Key: $127.00
Cut and program key: $225.00
Shop materials: $11.43
Sales tax: $14.19
Total: $377.62


(Note that this breakdown appears to include cutting and programming together, not the way it was quoted to me, so even if I had two existing keys and could do the programming myself I'm not sure it would have saved anything because of the cutting. Sigh.)

I tried "sudo make me a sandwich" on my dog and he replied "Tim is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported."

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Ugh, Wednesday is my day of meetings and today is even worse than usual.

Does everyone else have a "never get any 'real work' done" day?

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Westworld S2E2: I still feel like I missed a lot. But can I go back and watch S1 again now? Or do I just plunge on?

Oh car dealers. You're so great. $2xx for a new key for the car... $1xx more to program it to the car.

Who would ever want to buy an unprogrammed key? A car thief? You should charge more for it unprogrammed, then!

WTF. Just watched Westworld season 2 episode 1 and feel like I missed ~all of season 1. Guess I'm going back to watch it all again...