OMG Sacha Baron Cohen's speech at the Anti Defamation League is just ... amazing. I had been told it was great, but I just watched all 24 minutes of it and don't regret a second.

I have very little, if anything, to disagree with there. It made me think a lot. It leaves me with a lot of questions about my employer. Who, by the way, I am obliged to state, I do not represent with these opinions (in case that wasn't obvious enough if you've seen the speech).

@tw If there's anything I'd disagree with it'd be that I doubt these companies can fix their problems, at least not without throwing everything away and upsetting a lot of people even more.

But that just means they have to go!

@alcinnz yeah, at the end I think he's pretty clear that regulation is the only way it will be fixed.

@tw Though we'll also have to change the expectations we place on them.

People can get awefully naive when it comes to computers, expecting them to solve everything for them. But that's at it's worst when it comes to promoting our writings/creations! I think that's the fundamental issue here.

Also here's my toot responding to this, amongst other things:

I'm not a fan of his, by any means - hell, I actively avoid watching anything with him in - but that was informed and passionate, incisive, and, unfortunately, preaching to the choir.


“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire

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