pirating shit PSA:

do not pirate shit without Tor or a VPN over your home internet connection or a monitored network (work, a public wifi with an email signin you didn't bullshit, etc)

for torrenting or streaming video content: use a VPN. They can monitor what you download but literally none of them give a shit because their business model relies on enabling piracy and bypassing region-locks.

for anything else Tor is probably okay and can't be traced back to you. just keep in mind that Tor bandwidth is a public resource and some people need Tor to browse, so you shouldn't waste it on stuff like seeding in P2P networks or inefficient downloads.

@thufie or just... don't steal other people's work?

@tw @thufie it's one thing to be a dick to indie artists, it's another to take shit from companies that give zero fucks about the creators they hired and aren't giving a cut of the actual product sales

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