That's cool, but no one will remember those URLs. I guess you could reverse proxy with some url rewrites to use your own domain, but that kind of defeats the purpose of it being decentralized 🤔

@hugot @seb yeah there's an inherent tension between decentralization and usability that I'm not sure will ever be resolved. I certainly don't have any good ideas for it, which is a shame because I think such an idea would be a killer app!

@tw @seb Here's a random idea: a round-robin DNS that points to multiple servers that run reverse proxies to do the rewrites.

All we need is multiple companies/people that provide such proxies, then you could just register at a bunch of them and you'd have a (kind of) decentralized static website 🙃


@hugot @seb where do they get the reverse proxy config?

@tw @seb The people providing the proxy would have to derive that from the IPFS location of the webroot I suppose. If it's just static files it should be pretty generic right?

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