The A380 is not a particularly beautiful airplane. But it's sure big!


Liz told me to ask Sprocket to look cute so she could have a photo. His response:

"I always look cute."


I love outdoor rock concerts and live music, but I’m totally “that” person who brings ear plugs. Very excited to see The Who tonight at Fenway Park! I was also excited to visit our brick.

Next week forecast for Zürich. Do the Swiss even know what to do with temps this high? (Yes, this is F, not C, but still!)

This is a new low in stats relevance. Note that this is at Fenway Park. Aka home. Not road.

RT @googlemaps

When you think the Google car is just a really fast biscuit.

📝 ✅ Petition for this good boy to replace the red pin.

Huh. Door knobs are personal protective equipment. Who woulda thunk it?


Sporadic 911 outages continue. In an emergency, if 911 does not work, use 10 digit number for local/police fire.

Let's play "name that loading dock"! Can anyone identify this loading dock of personal significance to me?

Dear : how am I supposed to know what your security requirements are, when "Password Rules" is just blue text, not a link that provides any information?

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