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Just as it’s not legal to shell an opposing army with sarin or mustard gas, it’s also illegal to fire off commonly used riot control agents in war. Against protestors in one’s own country, however? Perfectly legal. bit.ly/2AH8xDU

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At approximately 9:18 a major water leak at 500 Harrison Ave South End .The street has buckled,there are multiple cars under water.Streets in the area are flooded.

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The deployment of a new “low-yield” nuclear weapon on US submarines has earned top billing under the Trump administration. But proponents overlook or dismiss a few key concerns that make the W76-2 an unrealistic military option. bit.ly/36CL1Tb

The A380 is not a particularly beautiful airplane. But it's sure big!


A batch of fresh Tubmans ready to go into circulation.

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