@meetdheeraj "luckily they just show how terrible our customer service is, which everyone already knew"

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@hugot @seb where do they get the reverse proxy config?

@hugot @seb yeah there's an inherent tension between decentralization and usability that I'm not sure will ever be resolved. I certainly don't have any good ideas for it, which is a shame because I think such an idea would be a killer app!

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oh my god remember command & conquer renegade

i loved that game

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New definition of labor Vs capital:
do you own a bunker? Capital
No bunker? Labor.

In the oncoming climate apocalypse, all other class distinctions will be meaningless.

Pirating shit PSA:

Piracy is theft. It doesn't matter if the system is broken, artists will only get pennies if you pay, or you apparently listen to different music every second of every day. It's still theft.

Good news, we were.

Or bad news I guess if you're the people who are mad at me for daring to suggest that piracy is theft. Which it is.

@nyaomi you must listen to a hell of a lot of music. How do you spend time with anyone as it is with all that music you're listening to?

Let's just hope we're within the deicing holdover time.

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: receiving reports relative to malfunctioning traffic signals along Mass Ave. Motorists asked to exercise extra caution in that area. @BostonBTD@twitter.com has been notified.

BOS ground is busy tonight with snow operations.

"Who's under tow on A short of L?"

When you lose an airplane...

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