@cypnk do we really even "own" hardware any more? :(

I hate streaming service splintering.

I also love Discovery+.

I am a monster.


The three phases of AC filter. Left to right; clean, dirty, "oh my goodness I changed this only six weeks ago what the hell?!?"

I hereby propose Thr Smashing Pumpkins' "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" as the official song of 2020.

Dear all financial institutions:

Please tell me if I have autopay when you tell me I have a new statement. This is the most important information. And so many of you leave it out.

Hugs and kisses,

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That feeling when you have a pile of stuff in a bunch of gitolite repositories on a Linode and you haven't touched them in years but you just can't delete things.

Deleting things is scary. I might want them someday!

@srol I always wondered what taco bell drive-thrus were good for...

Mmm random unsolicited invitation to Keybase replacement. That's not sketchy AT ALL...

@srol yeah, and we are members, and it is absolute garbage quality. :(

At least when HBO sucks and I give them my money via Amazon I don't feel bad about giving one megacorp a portion of another megacorp's money, but with something like PBS it's different.

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