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Better smoke effects, based on this technique: youtube.com/watch?v=YPy2hytwDL

This required me to learn to set up custom shaders for particle systems in Unity, but I have to admit it's a heck of a lot better than my previous shader.

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they should invent a new accent and then use it in gotham city for all the bat man movies

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My open source projects are maintained using shame-driven development.

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Working on gun flashes. These were adapted from some standard assets that Unity provides for free.

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you’ve heard of the work laptop. now it’s time for Work fursona

Today I discovered that all of my ships were traveling aft end-first. Why were they doing that? Because when I exported them, I told them that -Z was forwards, instead of +Z. Whoops...

Bonus: ships now have textures on their various bits.

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I finally got around to checking the max speed on my ships, which is a function of the amount of thrust they can put out and how much drag they experience. Pretty much purely by coincidence, their top speed is about 15 meters per second, or 29 knots. Which is right around the correct range for World War II warships!

Teaching my AI ships to avoid obstacles. This is a really simple system, but works far better than it ought to: each ship fires out three rays (straight ahead, forward/left, and forward/right) and steers away from anything they "see" with the rays.


I have a working title for the game I'm working on: BYOBattleship. Maybe a *little* sillier in tone than I want but it does capture what the game's about.

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snark is a vile, addicting substance. it seems enticing, everybody does it, and it's fun in small quantities, but too much can really put you in a bad state of mind, and consistent use will destroy you as a person.

I've been investigating why the game goes all jerky when I start firing guns. My guns determine where bullets appear by use of special vertex colors on the gun mesh. It turns out the mesh I'm using right now has 704 vertices with that color. I hadn't noticed initially because they're all on top of each other.

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Screenshot of mission mode in the warship game I'm working on.

Thanks to @dl for the invite, and hello Mastodon! I'm a former Verily dev, now taking some time to think through life and work on a videogame.


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