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Cantos.social is an organically growing, bounded gathering of connected people. Membership is only by invitation from an existing member.

Rather than a list of prohibited behaviors, participants in cantos.social are expected to adhere to common positive values. These values are:

  • kindness
  • empathy
  • respect
  • courtesy

Content aligned with these values is encouraged and applauded. Content in conflict with these values will be discouraged and frowned upon. Rejecting these values will result in account deactivation.

This is an unusual perspective on moderation. Hard rules try to make moderation simpler, but can be unfair and inflexible in some circumstances. The "line" is intentionally vague. The best way to avoid crossing that line is to never try to find its exact border.

The nature of cantos is potential and experimental. The plan is to find out what a little corner of the Internet can be.